The Best Camping Stove for You

What is the best camping stove out there? Obviously that’s going to vary from person to person. The best option is going to be the one that best suits your needs and fits within your budget. There are portable stoves for camping that are ideal for family camping, hiking & back packing, hunting, fishing, and even tailgating. Some stoves are ultra lightweight & compact for backpacking, while others have multiple burners and built-in grills for the ultimate campsite convenience when size & weight is less of an issue.Determining the best option for you begins with thinking about how & where you intend to use it. Here are a few quick tips to consider when looking for the best camping stove.Use other camper’s reviews to your advantage
User reviews can help you make a list of the best camping stoves on the market. Lots of times, the best in each category are from the same name brand, but this isn’t always the case. Don’t make assumptions about name brands when it comes to stoves for camping! Coleman, Primus, StanSport, Brunton, MSR, and even TexSport all make excellent models, but some are certainly better quality than others. Look at reviews to find out which portable stoves are the most durable, the easiest to use, and give you the most control over the flame and heat that the stove puts out. This can help you narrow down your list to the best possible options.Choose the best camping stove for your needs
Once you know what reviews say about different types of stoves, figure out what you’re going to use your stove for. The best camping stove is one that will meet your needs nearly perfectly so that you’ll be able to use it again and again without problems.Keep in mind that if you do different types of camping, you may need more than one stove to take with you. For instance, a portable stove for a hiker is totally different from one that needs to be taken on a car camping trip for the whole family!The key here is to know what you expect of your stove. Do you just need to boil water on a hike without adding lots of weight to your pack? Check out simple single-burner backpack camping stoves that are super lightweight and don’t add a lot of extras in to give you more flame control. Will you be cooking real food on the trail and need to be able to simmer? There are also lighter weight options that give you great flame control if you’re willing to pay a bit more for them.If you’re car camping, your choices range from one burner to three burner stoves. The best camping stove for anyone cooking for more than three or four people will probably be at least a two burner stove, if not a three burner option. Since you’re camping from the car, the extra weight of the stove doesn’t really matter.The key here is to figure out what you need the stove for and how you need it to perform. Then, use those website reviews to find the best camping stove for your intended purpose.

Summer Camp Benefits – 5 Reasons Why Summer Camp Is a Great Opportunity

Physically Active DaysDays at camp are physically active most if not all of the time. Summer camps aren’t proper camps if they don’t have the facilities to offer kids a great time doing something all day. Some camps are based near lakes and woods, offering children the chance to go orienteering, fishing, swimming, sailing and much more on the water. With a good section of closed off woods and the right equipment, paintball could even be an option for certain camps. All of this activity is great fun for kids, giving them brilliant memories of their time at the camp, but also keeping them fit by never letting them stop, which is hard for parents to do.Try New ThingsSummer camps are great places for children to try out things for the first time. As I said above, camps are usually situated in areas that give them the ability to offer a huge range of activities to children. By trying out all of these new activities, for example horse riding, children get a chance to do something they may never have done before. Not only does this build up their confidence when trying other new things in the future, it gives them more confidence in every part of their life, having done so many different things.UnplugChildren can unplug themselves when they’re at summer camp, and by this I mean remove themselves from the digital world for a week or so. Children are constantly exposed to media through the internet, on television, even on their mobile phones, but all of this disappears when they go to summer camp. Most camps are so out of the way no signal can reach them, and they certainly won’t let kids sit on a computer all day. If parents really want their children to get a break from technology while at camp they could even take their mobile phone, promising it back as soon as they return.Make Long-Lasting FriendsWhile at summer camp, children bond with each other to become much closer than they are with any of their friends at school. The reason for this is that these children spend almost every moment together for a period of several weeks, awake and asleep, which isn’t something they get at school. They also enjoy their environment a lot more at camp, and so the relationship can’t be hindered by a bad lesson or a telling off from a teacher, instead it can blossom and become something that will last a lifetime.Grow In ConfidenceChildren are exposed to so many new people at summer camp that they have no choice but to greet them and become friends with them immediately. This builds up their confidence for later in life when they’re in these situations again, and having done it already, most children will find it much easier to meet people for the first time in the future thanks to summer camp.

How to Find the Right Coed Summer Camp

Choosing the right coed summer camp for your child is a big decision. You want your child to be happy but you also want them to be safe. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. The camp experience affects not only your child’s summer, but yours as well. Here are four questions to keep in mind when you are searching for the right summer camp for everybody’s comfort level.1. Does the camp have a nurturing environment?Ideally you want a camp that is a continuation of the nurturing environment you offer at home. Obviously part of going to camp is exploring independence. However, your child should be able to experiment within boundaries that are emotionally safe. How can you tell if a camp is the best emotional fit for your child?· Inquire about the staffWhen speaking with different camp offices, be sure to ask about each staff member’s background and training. Find out whether the director has a bachelor’s degree. How much experience does he/she have? Parents usually remember to ask about safety regulations and emergency plans. But also ask whether the staff is trained in behavior management and has had any classes in educational psychology.· How are feelings handled?Emotions can run high when a child is away from home. Ask how homesickness is handled. Bullying has become a major issue for children and young adults. Find out the camp’s bullying policies. Children will also be attempting situations that fall outside of their comfort zones. What kind of support is given in those cases?2. How are children grouped?Each coed summer camp has its own way of matching children. Ask how cabin rosters are formed. Find out whether the children participate in every activity with their cabin mates or if they spend time with other groups of children too. Inquire as to whether children must sit with their cabin at meal times or if there is a chance to sit with other friends. Many times a camp will rotate different seating arrangements during meals.3. What food is served at the camp?Most parents are concerned about the nutritional value of the food served to their children at camp. In addition to ensuring that you child has a proper diet, you may also have personal concerns or requests. Does your child have special food needs? Some children can only eat food that is gluten-free. Others have allergies and must be careful about how food is prepared. Are there separate tables for children with peanut allergies?4. What types of exciting activities are offered?Camp should be the place where your child can be exposed to new and exciting activities safely. Find out which activities are offered and how often. Do the children keep the same schedule throughout the summer or is it broken up into blocks? Ask whether all activities are assigned or if there is some freedom to choose things that interest them. Also ask how camper safety is ensured during activities. Inquire about the health center and any medical staff on site.Your child is sure to love going to coed summer camp. When you know you have found the perfect place then you will love it too.