Summer Camp Benefits – 5 Reasons Why Summer Camp Is a Great Opportunity

Physically Active DaysDays at camp are physically active most if not all of the time. Summer camps aren’t proper camps if they don’t have the facilities to offer kids a great time doing something all day. Some camps are based near lakes and woods, offering children the chance to go orienteering, fishing, swimming, sailing and much more on the water. With a good section of closed off woods and the right equipment, paintball could even be an option for certain camps. All of this activity is great fun for kids, giving them brilliant memories of their time at the camp, but also keeping them fit by never letting them stop, which is hard for parents to do.Try New ThingsSummer camps are great places for children to try out things for the first time. As I said above, camps are usually situated in areas that give them the ability to offer a huge range of activities to children. By trying out all of these new activities, for example horse riding, children get a chance to do something they may never have done before. Not only does this build up their confidence when trying other new things in the future, it gives them more confidence in every part of their life, having done so many different things.UnplugChildren can unplug themselves when they’re at summer camp, and by this I mean remove themselves from the digital world for a week or so. Children are constantly exposed to media through the internet, on television, even on their mobile phones, but all of this disappears when they go to summer camp. Most camps are so out of the way no signal can reach them, and they certainly won’t let kids sit on a computer all day. If parents really want their children to get a break from technology while at camp they could even take their mobile phone, promising it back as soon as they return.Make Long-Lasting FriendsWhile at summer camp, children bond with each other to become much closer than they are with any of their friends at school. The reason for this is that these children spend almost every moment together for a period of several weeks, awake and asleep, which isn’t something they get at school. They also enjoy their environment a lot more at camp, and so the relationship can’t be hindered by a bad lesson or a telling off from a teacher, instead it can blossom and become something that will last a lifetime.Grow In ConfidenceChildren are exposed to so many new people at summer camp that they have no choice but to greet them and become friends with them immediately. This builds up their confidence for later in life when they’re in these situations again, and having done it already, most children will find it much easier to meet people for the first time in the future thanks to summer camp.